Ask Anything… No, really.

What questions do you find taboo?



Why do you hesitate to ask about them?

Starting the Sunday after Easter, City Church (STL) will begin a new sermon series entitled, Ask Anything. There is no question, no matter how seemingly offensive, controversial, or inconsequential, that Jesus does not enthusiastically encourage us to ask Him. Why? Because He can take our toughest questions.

Bring all your questions to City Church.  We will select several of the most frequently asked and address them in an upcoming sermon series geared toward demonstrating that the Bible’s answers are relevant and satisfying.

To submit a question, simply post it in the comments section on the “Ask Anything” Page, or drop an “Ask Anything” card off in the miniature abbey on Sunday morning. You can get one of these cards at Sunday morning worship, or by talking to a regular attendee.

Ask Anything. Really.


About Brad Edwards

My amazing wife, Hannah, and I live in beautiful Westminster, CO. I am a Pastor, Chaplain in the Army National Guard and Photographer with an addiction to craft beer. View all posts by Brad Edwards

One response to “Ask Anything… No, really.

  • Jacquelyn Brown

    Question: Jesus was (probably) baptized by full water immersion. See Matthew 3:16. Why do certain church denominations only sprinkle baptize? Why do certain church denominations offer only baby (young child) sprinkle baptizing?
    Question: Is baptism recommended for salvation?

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