ASK :: (Anything)

The people have spoken and the votes are in. Over the last several days, we’ve worked hard to craft a schedule of questions and topics to be covered in the upcoming Ask Anything sermon series.  We came up with an 8 week series that covers about 90% of everything asked.  There were definitely some clear overlap between the specific questions, and we are going to do our best to address all of them in one way or another.  The topics are broad, but the answers will be specific and to the point.  If you submitted a question and do not end up hearing it during the sermon series, keep an eye out on this blog as we will be addressing questions we couldn’t get to in writing.  Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted a question!

ASK :: Trustworthiness (Scripture, Part 1) – 5/1
Is the Bible reliable? How was it formed, and how can we claim it is the word of God?

ASK :: Interpretation (Scripture, Part 2) – 5/8
How do we understand it, especially confusing Old Testament rules and the ever-so-weird book of Revelation (to name a few)?

ASK :: Environmentalism – 5/15
What are the implications of the Christian faith on the green movement, sustainability and recycling? How do we navigate this?

ASK :: Science and Faith – 5/22
Are they compatible? Opposed? What roles to empiricism and logic play? How do we explain the dinosaurs if God created the world in 7 days?

ASK :: God – 5/29
Is it possible to prove that God exists without using circular reasoning? How about outside the Bible?

ASK :: Relationship – 6/5
What is God’s design for marriage, dating and companionship? What about singleness? Is there something wrong with that?

ASK :: Pleasure (Sexuality, Part 1) – 6/12*
How do we understand sex? Is it merely for pleasure? What about masturbation?

ASK :: Identity (Sexuality, Part 2) – 6/19*
Why does sexual/gender identity matter? Can’t it be whatever we want it to be? What about homosexuality? Transgender identity?

*Note: These topics will be covering material that might be too mature for some children. Please use your best parental discretion for having your children in attendance. City Kids, as always, is happy to provide age-appropriate worship and education for children up to six years old.


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