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We’re officially knee-deep in the ASK :: Anything series and we thought it’d be helpful to pass on a few resources as we went along.  As happens so often when we talk about “common questions” in American church circles, we sometimes don’t do a good job of honoring the questions. Sometimes we rush to the answers, or we assume that the questions are something other than what is actually being asked. Either way, we fail to answer the question with truth and love.  The last thing we want to do is offer trite, easy answers to tough, complicated questions, so we want to make sure that any resources we recommend treat our questions with the same kind of dignity and respect.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s (NYC) new Discover page is a great example of doing this well. Some of the questions and answers there are fairly cut and dry, but there are several that will surprise you. It’s also incredibly refreshing to hear the many interviews they conducted with people who do not agree with them.

Objections and questions are taken seriously because Jesus takes them seriously.  The Church is called to love and honor people because that is God’s posture toward us. The heart and foundation of our need and ability to Ask Anything is really pretty simple, but the way in which we respond to those answers is often anything but easy.  We need a community that is safe to wrestle with these things, regardless of where you fall. It’s our hope and prayer that, by the grace of God, City Church (STL) is one of those places.


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