ASK :: Science and Faith

Headlines, textbooks and Discovery Channel specials frequently tell us that science and faith are incompatible at best, and directly opposed to each other at worst.  So-called “New Atheists” like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens find tolerance for “the ignorance of myth” to be laughable and inexcusable in the face of science.

Are these claims accurate? Does the scientific advancement of human society over the last hundred years preclude the existence of a Creator God? Is faith no longer necessary in light of astrophysics?

This Sunday, Mike Werkheiser will unpack the relationship between science and faith. Until then, he highly recommends taking a look at this Op Ed from the New York Times. Paul Davies (Physicist, Cosmologist and Astrobiologist at Arizona State University) does an amazing job demonstrating how faith in the laws of physics is absolutely necessary for the scientist to pursue discovery and experimentation, and that the laws themselves are assumed to be true without asking why (which is itself an act of considerable faith). Here are a few excerpts:

The most refined expression of the rational intelligibility of the cosmos is found in the laws of physics, the fundamental rules on which nature runs. The laws of gravitation and electromagnetism, the laws that regulate the world within the atom, the laws of motion — all are expressed as tidy mathematical relationships. But where do these laws come from? And why do they have the form that they do?

… the very notion of physical law is a theological one in the first place, a fact that makes many scientists squirm. Isaac Newton first got the idea of absolute, universal, perfect, immutable laws from the Christian doctrine that God created the world and ordered it in a rational way. Christians envisage God as upholding the natural order from beyond the universe, while physicists think of their laws as inhabiting an abstract transcendent realm of perfect mathematical relationships.

See you Sunday!


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