The Church Beautiful

This Sunday we begin a new series in the book of Acts.  This unique book in the New Testament is the only historical narrative in Scripture describing the spark that ignited the Church from a backwoods gathering of helpless and uneducated friends into a global family spanning every possible people and culture known to man. This family stretches across thousands of years of history, living out God’s all-encompassing plan to redeem His Creation.

No biggee. It’s only the single most enduring and selfless institution in the history of the world.

So why this series? Why Acts?

“When familiarity breeds contentment and complacency, when good order calcifies into rigid regularity, then people who love Jesus sense that something is amiss. They know that it was not always this way, and they turn to the Book to see again what is truly normal for Christ’s church. In particular, when our zeal flags and our focus blurs, we need to listen to Luke (the author of Acts), apostolic associate and documenter of the deeds of the Lord, as he recounts the Spirit’s acts in the Spirit’s words. We need the Acts of the Apostles.” – Dennis E. Johnson, from The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption.

Is the Church without it’s problems? Is she innocent of crimes and injustices? Do our experiences of (or within) the Church always leave us completely satisfied? Absolutely not. We are the broken-but-beloved people of God, and sometimes it’s a lot easier to see the “broken” end of the spectrum. But the reason why the Church Beautiful has thrived for thousands of years has little to do with the wisdom of Man, and everything to do with the faithfulness of God.

Join us this Sunday at 9AM @ The 9th Street Abbey as we find our place in the unfolding story of God’s love for His broken-but-beloved people.


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My amazing wife, Hannah, and I live in beautiful Westminster, CO. I am a Pastor, Chaplain in the Army National Guard and Photographer with an addiction to craft beer. View all posts by Brad Edwards

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