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How To: [Worship]

How to Worship

Worshiping God is not confined to the singing of songs and praying of prayers when the church gathers on Sunday morning each week.  Christian worship is a concept that encompasses all of life – whether you’re a mom changing diapers, a laborer working an assembly line, a graphic artist, or the president of a lucrative company.  Christian worship is not as much about what you do, but how you do it.  In other words, worship involves posture, worldview, attitude, and perspective.  Do you struggle to find contentment and peace amidst the mundaneness?  Do you wrestle with knowing how to bring God glory in all things?  If so, How To: Worship is designed to shed light on these topics and more.  Join us at 8:30AM on Sunday, April 14th in the rectory (just north of the Abbey) for an hour-long class/discussion on this foundational aspect of the Christian life.

For more information on the City Church How Toseries, click here. If you have any questions related to the topic of worship, please email or post them in the comments section below.